Why Taylor Swift really isn’t a problem to society.

As many of you out there may possibly know, my all-time favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I love pretty much everything about her. I love her personality, her genuineness, her love of pretty things, and I’m more than a lot obsessed with her songs.

This might be a weird blog post, but it’s something that I’ve thought about a lot lately, and it makes me mad. A lot.

I know a lot of you probably don’t like her because of whatever reason. Ok, cool. I don’t like a lot of celebrites, either, while you’re probably obsessed with them. Totally fine. We all have our opinions. That’s why we’re we (correct my grammar if that was the wrong pronoun).

But I’m kind of amazed at some of the reasons why people don’t like her. Here are some general comments people usually say:

“She can’t sing!”

“All she sings about is boys!”

“I really don’t like that she sings badly about people.”

There are probably more, but these are the only ones I could think of right now.

Let’s start from the first one.

“She can’t sing!”

…this is stupid. Everyone can sing – but not everyone can sing WELL. Plus, if she can’t sing well, then why is she so famous for, aheh, singing well? Most likely what people mean is that they don’t like the tone of her voice. That’s personal preference. I think Idina Menzel’s voice in “Let It Go” is really annoying. But that’s just me. That doesn’t mean she’s a bad singer (cough cough freakin’ Elphaba cough cough). …of course there could just be people out there who genuinely think she can’t sing….that’s always a possibility. But this reason seems legit. 😉

“All she sings about is boys!”

This makes me so mad… Obviously, the majority of her music is about romantic relationships. But a pretty good amount of her songs have nothing to do with boys (i.e. The Best Day, Breathe, Mean, Never Grow Up, etc.). But here’s the ironic part: EVERY OTHER SINGER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET SINGS ABOUT LOVE. I mean really guys. Is that not obvious? Why does Taylor have to be the only artist attacked because she “only writes about boys” when the vast majority of music played on the radio is also about love? That just doesn’t make any sense to me, and I honestly think that you’d be insane to not think the same thing.

“I really don’t like that she sings badly about people.”

This is a general statement for: “She just bashes people.” This also makes me angry. Ok, I admit. There are Taylor Swift songs out there that make the people they’re about feel like crap. I understand that. I’m not stupid. But one time I made a playlist of songs by her that even remotely “bashed” people. You know how many songs were in it? Approximately ELEVEN. “WHAT!?” “You’re insane, Julie!” “That is NOT possible!!” I kid you not. I know that sounds insane. I could go back and remake the playlist again to be sure, but I’m pretty ding-dang-darn sure that that was the grand total. You know why people think that all she does is diss people? *drumrollllll* It’s because most of the songs Taylor releases as singles are the songs that do as such. WWWHHAAATT?? Insane, right? If you actually listened to her albums you’d realize that she A) is an amazing songwriter, 2) takes part in writing ALL of her songs (she wrote the entire album of Speak Now BY. HER. SELF.), and D) most definitely does not bash people (most of the time 😉 ).

So there you have it. Of course, these are my opinions. There’s probably much more I can say on this issue, but it’s 1:00 in the morning and I’m tired (secret blog writing when I should be in bed).

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift and have more to say about this, feel free. If you’re not a fan of Taylor and don’t agree with me…well…ok…whatever…post ahead.



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