I needed to get all of this off my chest.

I know I’m a bit late to the game because everyone’s probably moved on and now it’s just another past controversial issue that took place (even though it’s now locked in our legal system and will be with us for as along as the American people decide), but I would like to put out my thoughts on a certain elements of this SCOTUS ruling, and how I, as a Christian, am treated by the homosexual community. And I want to make one thing clear: I would like to point out that the below stated is meant to be said in love. No, I am not judging anyone. You probably think I am, because, duh, disagreement = hate. Obviously. But that’s not what I’m doing. Personally, I actually think gay people are really cool. That doesn’t mean I condone their sin, just that I think the majority of them are really sweet and friendly. Also, this post isn’t necessarily geared toward gay people as it is toward my generation of Christians. Maybe it sounds harsh, but milk and sugar doesn’t always help you put your point across. You have to be firm in your beliefs. Nobody will take you seriously if you don’t, and you most likely won’t change the world for the better if you’re tolerant to a point that makes you flimsy. And honestly, I don’t really have respect for those Christians telling me that I need to love instead of judge. I think they have a point, absolutely, but I also need to be able to make my points clear. Again, I’m not judging. I’m making an analysis of the situation at hand and determining whether or not I agree with it or not. That’s what I do when I “judge” a person’s decisions or a certain circumstance that arises. That is not the same as our society’s definition of “to judge”.

This post contains all of the things that I’ve wanted to say, and have wanted other people to say, about this subject. But because I haven’t seen any other person speak these things, I decided to put them out myself. It took a while for me to actually decide to do it (because internet fights), but I’d rather face God at the time of my death with confidence knowing I actually stood up for the truth rather than feeling ashamed that I sat in the shadows sucking my thumb because of the intimidation of some dumb people disagreeing with me. I’m just kind of going through each problem that arises when I see people arguing about whether or not it’s right or if I’m personally involved in the debate. There’s a lot about this that’s on my mind, so bear with me because I’ll probably leave something important out.

As this whole Supreme Court ruling has come up, I’ve seen a lot of young Christians standing up for the homosexual community. In support of it. They think homosexuality is a great thing. True, some of them are in that awkward time of junior high and have probably been influenced by the media, their peers and/or certain YouTubers (coughcoughfrantacoughoakleycoughgraceffacoughballingercoughcough). But what really surprises me the most is that a lot of them are people that, the last time I checked, are very strong in the Word and their faith in God. They are people I’ve looked up to in the past. They are people that I didn’t expect to be in support of the gay movement. I’m actually very disappointed to see their support. I honestly expected more from them.

But anyway, I have one question for these young whipper-schnappers out there: if you are so on fire for Jesus and stand behind everything the Bible says and you consider it to be the final authority, then why on earth do you completely ignore the passages that so clearly state homosexuality is a sin? It’s an honest question, and there’s probably a lot of defenses that people will conceive. But I think the plain and simple answer to the question is this: you can’t.

You can ignore the rest of this post if you want because it’s just kind of me spilling out my feelings. But this is the main point I want people to realize if they don’t take anything else out of it. This is the key question that keeps coming into my head when I see my Christian peers’ profile pictures with a rainbow on it. This is the question I want to address. Again: if you believe the Bible is the final authority, why do you ignore the passages that state homosexuality is wrong? People that I respect and love are supporting this. It breaks my heart to know that our country (let alone the world) is getting thrown into the dumpster. Didn’t the Roman Empire collapse because of the same things that are occurring in our country today? A rise of inflation, an outstanding debt, and morals being tossed out the window? When I think of the Romans I get even more scared, because I’ve always been so proud of America (at least up until the last few years). Growing up I loved this nation. I loved our history. I loved how we’ve been known as “the home of the brave”. But now because we have pushed God out of it, we are the home of the weak. We are going to fall like the Romans did if we don’t do something about it.

Now entering the part about how I express my feelings:

Of course this answer brings with it a backlash from gay supporters: “You can’t pick and choose from the Bible!”

Wow. Haven’t heard that one before.

What’s really ironic is that (the vast majority of the time) we’re not picking and choosing. In these situations, the subject at hand is very often solely about homosexuality, so we’re going to give you passages that equate to homosexuality. Not lying. Not stealing. Not murdering. Not divorce. It only looks as if we’re “cherry-picking” because the person will give you some chart that explains all of the wives Solomon had and all of the affairs David had and all of the prostitutes that did whatever and then say “These things are okay according to the Bible. It mentions it right here so it has to be true. Why don’t you pay attention to these verses? Christians are such hypocrites. Educate yourself. LOVE WINS.”

A lot of Christians that support gay marriage say this, too, and it irks me to no end. If you’re not a Christian then I can’t really vouch for you because, well, that’s just what you think. You’re not a Christian, so why would you follow the Bible? But if you’re a Christian and you’re asking me why I’m picking and choosing, then I have to ask you the same thing: why are you picking and choosing? You could give me some example from the Bible of something taken out of context and then say to me “So-and-so did this in the Bible so that means the Bible supports it,” and meanwhile you think it’s okay to ignore the passages that say homosexuality is an abomination? Again, not an option.

That leads me to another subject that makes me angry. In response to this blog post I’m probably gonna get a lot of “Well, the Bible also says that this horrible thing is okay” from my Christian peers, and I have two things to say in response: First of all, you have most likely taken your example out of context. Secondly, how dare you pull that ridiculous left-winged approach? You choose to undermine your own Bible (that you have stated is what you choose to place your faith on) in attempts to advance your agenda. Please don’t bend to this ignorant and weak-mindedness. If you are a Christian then you stand behind the Bible. All of it. Even the verses that can be taken out of context (but when read in context in their proper passages can be a light to your soul). That’s not a difficult thing to grasp. It’s easier said then done, yes, but I don’t think it’s exactly impossible. Especially if you have God on your side.

Also, to those Christians that identify as being gay: why? Again, I ask you: if you believe in God and therefore believe His Word is the final authority, how could you still think it’s okay? Because you were born that way? Because you can’t change your feelings?

Feeling is everything to the LGBT community. It’s how they explain their existence. But if happiness is a feeling and you believe happiness is a choice and you can change whether you’re happy or not, then why would you say your feelings for someone of the same gender cannot be changed, too? Feelings can be changed. It’s hard, but not impossible. (I know of a YouTuber who believes happiness is a choice, but she supports gay marriage. That’s where I’m getting this example from, by the way.)

There are a couple of other things people say to Christians (and non-Christians that don’t support gay marriage) that I’d like to discuss that are generally really annoying to read and hear people say:

“Who are you to judge!?” I don’t have the authority to judge the way God can judge. But again, when I make a “judgment” I’m taking a look at an action or situation and discerning whether it’s good or bad. Yes, that’s judging, but not in the way our society has deemed it to be, and certainly not in the way that I, as an imperfect human, don’t have the authority to do. Also, calling people out on their sin is not judging (our world’s version). People think it is because you’re being firm and sincere with them, and that could possibly be translated to “hate”, but nevertheless it’s not judging. Open rebuke is better than hidden love.

“It’s not affecting you. Why do you care?” This one gets me every time. I care because it actually does affect me. And it affects me in a very profound way, one that is very important to me. My children are going to grow up in a society that accepts this lie as truth and they will be influenced by it. They’ll begin to think it’s normal and could possibly begin struggling with their own sexuality as a result. Most people disagree with this statement, but it’s nevertheless true. You are affected by the people around you, and if you’re surrounded by gays (and people that support gays) you’ll probably start thinking like them, acting like them and could eventually begin thinking about yourself that way like them. Of course, if my son were to come up to me and tell me he felt like he was gay then I pray that I’d have the knowledge, insight and faith to lead him down the correct path; a Godly path. (But tbh that little punk should know better then to defy his mama’s teaching. Darn right he’ll be getting a spanking, even if he is eighteen.)

It also affects me because I know that there are beautiful people, loved by God (no I’m not one of those people that thinks God hates gay people) out there that are lost, and I want them to be found. I know I’m not the only believer that has this conviction. Homosexuality affects everyone. In little ways, maybe, but ultimately it changes our society and the culture and future in which our children are going to grow up. If you support gay marriage, then you’re probably excited for your child! But if you’re a Christian that doesn’t support it, then that future probably looks pretty dim.

You have to know that I’m not insensitive to the gay community. Like I said, I actually think most of them are really cool. There are definitely some buttheads out there that don’t even give you a chance to state your opinion because, DUH, disagreement = hate. Obviously. But overall they’re pretty cool and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. And I recognize that.

I was once asked by a gay supporter something along these lines: “Say you end up having a beautiful daughter. And she comes up to you one day and tells you that she’s a lesbian. How would you react? Just for you to think about.” The person gave me the option of either answering or not answering. I didn’t answer, because internet debates, but I did think about it. Rightfully so, because it really is a humbling question and not one you want to charge right into answering when your head has been clogged from having to maneuver around liberal logic. It didn’t take me that long to come up with my answer, though. It seems pretty logical to me. Like I said about if my son came up to me (not the part about spanking him), if my daughter came up to me and told me she liked girls then I would try my hardest to seek God to give me the wisdom and courage to give him free reign to lead my daughter down the right path: the Godly path. She may not like it because she could be so wrapped up in the idea that she was born that way, but it’s what would be best for her. And I know that one day she would thank me for staying true to our God, even when the world (and she) was screaming for me to go in the opposite direction.

And that’s what we as Christians need to do. We need to stop buying into this lie that Satan is whispering in our country’s ear. Young Christians, old Christians, middle-aged Christians, wake up! We can do this! The end is near, so let’s hike up our skirts, woman up and start proclaiming the gospel in love so that we can win some needy hearts to Jesus! 😀


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