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Greetings to all my lovely Facebook friends out there who may be reading this! Because this is addressed to Facebook I should probably be posting this as a status update, but I think there may be too much information I want to share to fit into a single status. Lawlz.

I’m generally a very private person if I only know you at the surface level, but I thought I’d take a giant chance and give you all a glimpse into what my life has been like during the past few weeks and how it will be over the next year or so (if you care to read :3). We’re not talking huge plans like fo sho career choices, house hunting, or marriage (lol #livinthatsinglelife), but here’s a few general things I thought I’d update you all on:


For those of you who may not know, I am now a sophomore at Sam Houston State University and am majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Production, as well as a minor in Music. This semester I am taking four classes: History 1302, Philosophy, Sign Language, and TV & Film Production. It’s already several weeks into the semester, but overall I am really enjoying all these classes! My favorite is definitely history, which is such a relief after my not-so-great history class from my first semester of freshman year (that’s a whole other story), but with this history class I actually look forward to going to it! My history professor is my favorite one that I have had so far during my college experience (and I’ve had several really wonderful professors so far). She makes the class very interesting and she’s extremely interactive and sweet with everybody. As for my other classes, I am just now finishing up my first project for TV & Film Production, which is a music video (I’ll be posting that to my YouTube channel soon)! I’m excited because with this class I’m going to have a chance to delve into the area of Mass Comm that I’ve been looking forward to, which is camerawork, editing, and things relating to that. So, yes, super exciting! As for Philosophy and Sign Language, I’m enjoying those, too! I really like my Philosophy class a lot and find it interesting, and Sign Language is good, too. My professor for SGNL is deaf, and he doesn’t have a translator, so it’s a bit difficult to keep track of what’s going on, and I haven’t had much time to really get into it away from class, but I’m excited to eventually do so because I was really looking forward to taking the class, and I still look forward to improving, and hopefully becoming fluent (lol let’s hope that happens). But even within the first few days I was feeling a lot of motivation to stay on top of my homework for each of these classes, and luckily that motivation has stayed put somewhat! Praise the Lord for that. 🙂


There’s not much to cover on this subject, but I am currently working two different jobs! One is at the new HEB off of Rayford and Riley Fuzzel (come say hi if you happen to be there on Saturday or Sunday!), and the other is in the Music Listening Room in the on-campus library here at SHSU. I’m enjoying both of them a lot (HEB because I get hashtag money, and the library because I essentially get hashtag paid to study)! …….okai that’s all. x)


I have really been trying to get myself into the habit of leading a healthier lifestyle, and so far it’s gone fairly well. I’ve always been uber self-conscious, and not very confident with what I look like, and I’m just really tired of feeling that way. {Apparently} I’m an adult now, and I don’t want to continue to have these ever-present doubts and insecurities about myself weighing on my shoulders (hah no pun intended). The other day I made a schedule of all of my classes, and I fit in general times for when I plan to work out at the on-campus Rec Center or just in my dorm room doing Turbo Fire. I’ve also tried to start eating better, and that’s been fairly good so far, too (a lot better than in recent years!). And as you all may know, my brother is getting married in a few months, and I’m trying to use the wedding as a goal of sorts, because I really don’t want to feel gross and self-conscious on such a special day. Prayers would be VERY MUCH appreciated in this area of my life. 🙂

Relationship with Christ and My Purpose

Over the past few months or so I’ve been looking at everything that has been going on within our various circles of friends, and I see so many people doing such wonderful things and going on adventures and traveling the world and getting married and having kids and achieving so much, and the other day I just took a moment and asked myself, “What am I doing with my life?” There are so many things in this world that I would love to do, but I am so lazy and lack the motivation to actually try and achieve something. So I really started praying and asking God to show me what my purpose is in life. I know God wants to use me to reach people (well, of course he wants to use all of us for that purpose), but I’m just not sure how or in what capacity. I believe it has something to do with YouTube, but more on that later. I already know that 2017 is going to be a year of testing. It will be a year in which God tests my patience, my perseverance, my loyalty, my comfort zone, and so many other things. And I don’t want to waste it and go through it just going through the motions, or just barely passing by. I want to achieve something in 2017 (and in the rest of 2016!), and I know I can only do that if I seek Christ and actually make an effort to strengthen my relationship with Him. I’ve never been good with putting God first, but I really want to turn that around. I’m tired of being in this slump I’ve been in for the past year and a half. I really want to excel in school, in my field, and in my general life. I want to discover my purpose, or at least a piece of it, and to actually take the initiative to seize it and strengthen and train in it. I would really appreciate your prayers with this!


If you know anything about me, you know that I am obsessed with YouTube. I love watching all kinds of videos, and discovering new channels to watch (I even have a blog draft saved that discusses my favorite YouTubers, hah…), and I can honestly tell you that one of my biggest dreams is to become a YouTuber. Maybe even full time. I always feel embarrassed telling people that that’s what I want to use my degree for, because it’s so unconventional and weird and people probably won’t get it or they’ll think it’s stupid. But I’m honestly so passionate about YouTube, and it’s just always been there. Ever since I was 11 and 12 and was watching Julian Smith and Megan & Liz videos I’ve thought it would be so cool to have a channel and upload videos regularly and have people watch them. And…I kinda feel like it’s something God wants me to do… Again, I feel embarrassed admitting that, but it’s just the truth. I honestly feel like He wants to use me in the YouTube community. Possibly in California? I’m not completely sure, but that’s kind of an idea and feeling I have about the situation. AGH there’s so much I want to add about this, but this blog post has already become so long, and I’m probably boring the crap out of you. Suffice to say that I will {hopefully} be pursuing YouTube regularly in the immediate future. So, keep an eye out for that! *Insert shameless plug here* 🙂


Of course, I plan on using this next year to delve deeper into music and songwriting and such. Relating it back to YouTube, I plan to use my songs as content for videos, and I also hope to gain a better understanding of audio production, just so I can find my way around creating my own arrangements of songs and whatnot. If I do that, I can hopefully create better content for my SoundCloud profile, but that’s definitely less of an importance. There are also a few events I’d like to go to next year, specifically in the summer. VidCon is one of these, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to save up enough money so that I can attend and additionally, meet all of my Twitter friends (that sounds strange, but just go with it, lol). I also hope to go to Nashville, TN, once or twice next year, depending on a few random logistical things that may or may not happen. Lofty goals, I’d say, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. Haha! 😉

So, there you go, lovely Facebook friends! I know that was an extremely long post, and I apologize for taking so much of your time, if you even made your way through all of it. Congrats if you did! Anyway, I really appreciate all of your support, and I look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have! Thanks for being wonderful! 😀

-Julie ❤


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