Thank You

Lord, thank you for life. It is such a blessing to be given something like this that can be used to do so many wonderful things. I think as humans we tend to take for granted the amazing things that are offered to us through life, and I know that I for one don’t take the time to truly thank you for them.

Thank you for the opportunities you give me every single day, however small or seemingly insignificant. Every little choice I make every day creates and changes me in a different way, whether for the better or worse, and it is such a blessing that we as humans are given that chance to choose and experience so much.

Thank you for the motivation you have given me over the past few weeks and months. I have lacked so much in this area over the past several years, and it is so refreshing to actually feel like I want to accomplish things every day. Thank you for that.

Thank you for showing yourself in all of the little things in life and in all of the big things. I pray that I would be able to appreciate them and to notice them when they come into my line of vision, and that I can grasp them and realize your presence in everything.

Thank you for the wonderful and healthy friendships you have blessed me with in SKWAHD. Oftentimes I think about the conversations held between our cute lil’ group and breathe a sigh of relief that we have similar views and perspectives on so many things in life and that we can be open and honest with each other. I don’t think I have ever experienced love and friendship so deeply before I met these weird kids.

Thank you for blessing me with a freshman roommate who I could relate to, laugh with, and get along with so well. I knew you would give me someone like that, and you absolutely delivered. Thank you that we continue to be best friends today, and will continue to be as such, and thank you for our stupid senses of humor that fit so perfectly.

Lord, thank you for extroverted friends who are not afraid to talk to you in the sandwich line and ask you to sit with them. If that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have my best friend. Thank you for giving her the gift of rap (lol) and for her love of weird soul women.

Thank you for the lovely flower you have blessed me with. She is incredible, and I pray that you would help her know just how loved, admired, and appreciated she is by me and the rest of SKWAHD.

Thank you for the friendships I continue to have outside of college. I pray that you would bless each and every one of those lovely goons in their lives, and that they would continue to pursue you. I pray that you can strengthen my relationship with each of them, and that I would have clarity of when to seize opportunities to get to know each of them better. Also, thank you for those friendships that last even though we are apart. Thank you that with these few individuals we can come back together after months of being apart and still laugh and have the greatest time together. Friendships like that don’t come around too often, and I want to thank you for blessing me with those folks.

Thank you for the internet, God, and for blessing me in the most unique way with online friends! It is crazy to me and so amazing that so many strange and individualistic people can come together because of just a few shared interests and create a bond that is so intricate and unconventional and strange and beautiful, but live in cities, states, and even countries so far from each other. I pray that you would open doors for all of us to come together in person and meet and hang out and bond and talk about all of our nerdy little obsessions. I am so excited for that day, and cannot wait for it to come!

Thank you for my awesome family, God. I’m terrible about expressing these things to my family, but I appreciate and love them all so much. Thank you for family inside jokes, laughter, and crazy projects. Thank you for fun family vacations, a sweet puppy dog, and personalities that are strange but click in the best ways possible.

Thank you for YouTubers who are wonderful and funny and entertaining and lovely.

Thank you for the gift of music. Words cannot express how much it has impacted me in my life, and it is my one true passion. I pray that you would grant me opportunities to continue in it, and to praise you through my love of music.

Thank you for the musicians who have inspired me to pick up the guitar, ukulele, and a pen and notebook. They have truly changed my life. Bless those lovely humans in their own musical endeavors.

Thank you for the ones who have inspired me (and continue to inspire me) every single day in more ways than they could ever guess. I am truly thankful for them in ways they will never know.

Thank you for the gift of personality and of personality types. It has become such a passion of mine to study this area of life, and I pray that you would grant me some opportunity in the future to exercise this passion of mine.

Thank you for my wonderful university, and for the awesome jobs you have given me. I pray that you’d bless everyone on campus, and everyone who I work with. I pray for those who don’t know you in these areas of my life, God. I pray that I could be a light in the darkness and that I would have the courage to seize opportunities to minister to those I come in contact with. Use me in ways I can never imagine.

Thank you for my wonderful history professor who cares for each of her students and strives to help us learn. I pray that you’d bless her and her family, and that she may come to know you, if she doesn’t already.

Thank you for all of the lessons I have learned over the past year and a half. Some have been difficult, but you have helped me through each and every one, and I thank you for that. I pray that I would continue to learn other important lessons regarding life, love, my career, friendships, jobs, and other things.

Thank you for all of the little things like cats, onesies, fairy lights, clothes, candles, Christmas, history, politics, colors, new languages, photography, sunsets, skies, clouds, coffee mugs, pumpkin spice lattes, Spiderman, song lyrics, books, Grille Works, and white nail polish. Thank you for the joy that comes with these things, and that I can rejoice and be glad in them, however small and insignificant they may seem.

Once again, thank you for life and all that it has to offer. I pray that you would give me strength to use mine for good and to make a difference in the world. Help me minister to those in need, and to get over my own selfish pride that keeps me from doing so. Thank you for all that you have blessed me with. You are wonderful.



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