Hey, friends!

My name is Julie Arensdorf, and I am a follower of Christ, amateur political fan, full-time Christmas enthusiast, and current student at Sam Houston State University. I am a Mass Communications major with an emphasis in Broadcast Production, as well as a minor in Music. When I’m not up in Huntsville avoiding my homework assignments, I spend my weekends, holiday breaks, and summer vacation in The Woodlands area of the probably overrated city of Houston, Texas. I am absolutely obsessed with singing, songwriting, playing instruments, Christmas, Taylor Swift, Ben Rector, cheesy holiday Hallmark movies, writing, cats, coffee, and Twit-Twit-Twitter. I speak in a language consisting of mostly movie quotes, hashtag-somethings, and text-lingo. I’ve always loved the idea of having a blog, and I’ve started several in the past. I probably won’t succeed in keeping this one going, but you never know…

If you want to be friends with me, click that Follow button to stay in touch! I’m excited to maybe keep in contact on a possibly regular basis! 🙂


Social media thingies:

Instagram: thatcheesysongwriter
SnapChat: thatcheesygirl
Twitter: annoyingukulele
Pinterest: Julie Arensdorf
YouTube: Julie Arensdorf


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